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Commercial EPC reports are a European Union initiative introduced to improve energy efficiency across the EU member countries, this includes all commercial properties in Bridgend, including the rest of  Wales and England.

An EPC certificate indicates the energy efficiency of the commercial building in Bridgend the building fabric and the installed heating, ventilation, cooling and lighting systems. However, it does not take into account how the present occupier uses these systems.


An official, valid certificate will include, certificate reference number, the address in Bridgend that the property relates to, the asset rating of the property, brief technical information and benchmarks.

Bridgend Commercial Energy Performance Certificate

Commercial EPC Certificate in Bridgend

The software used to create reports is SBEM (Simplified building energy model). This is the approved calculation method used to provide analysis of a commercial building's energy consumption and CO2 emissions rate.  SBEM calculations are required to ensure compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations.

Bridgend commercial  EPC certificate

We have been supplying EPC certificates in the Bridgend area for over 10 years , therefore are ideally placed to supply you with a competitively priced survey.

If you are selling, leasing or renting out a commercial building such as a shop, office or industrial unit, then you will need an energy performance certificate EPC,  before it can be legally marketed or sold.

Stacey Surveys will provide a prompt, straightforward service to market your building quickly. There is no middle man and we are fully accredited, qualified and insured to carry out a commercial EPC survey.

An EPC - or Energy Performance Certificate - is a document required for selling or renting a commercial building. It provides information on the energy efficiency and likely carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from their property or premises.


Energy efficiency and carbon efficiency are both estimated and rated on a scale, ranging from the most efficient 'A=0' rating to the least efficient 'G=150+'.  


The EPC will recommend ways to improve a building's energy rating and reduce costs. However, owners are not obligated to act on the recommendations. There is however new regulations coming into effect in April 2018, where a building cannot be let if it is below a certain rating.  

NEW Government Policy means that Landlords will not be able to rent out any private rental property, with a low scoring EPC from April 2018 in Wales and England. A low scoring EPC is deemed to be an F or a G rated property. The MEES regulations state that landlords of non-domestic private rented properties (including public sector landlords) may not grant a tenancy to new or existing tenants if their property has an EPC rating of band F or G. Information on how to improve the efficiency of the property can be found in the recommendation report. Providing the report has been produced by a good surveyor, the section 'other recommendations selected by the energy assessor', should give detailed improvement measures that you can use to improve the energy rating of the property.

How can I check if an EPC is still valid?

You need to check the date on the EPC to see if it is still valid.

Commercial EPC Certificate in Bridgend

Why do I need an EPC?

What is an EPC report?