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Energy efficiency and carbon efficiency is displayed on the EPC, rating of the commercial property in Bristol, both estimated and rated on a scale, ranging from the most efficient 'A' rating to the least efficient 'G'.

A Commercial EPC, or Energy Performance Certificate, is a document required by businesses  in Bristol, who are selling or renting their non-domestic property.


The EPC provides information on the energy efficiency and likely carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the building.

Commercial Energy Performance Certificate Bristol EPC

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and associated report, sets out the energy efficiency rating of the property, and contains recommendations for ways in which the efficiency of the property could be improved. Virtually all domestic and non-domestic buildings sold, rented out or constructed since 2008 must have an EPC. An EPC may also be required when a property is altered in particular ways.

The history of Bristol is long and varied, and as a result there is a diverse stock of buildings across the city. With 51 Grade I, and over 3,800 Grade II listed  buildings, in a variety of architectural styles, from medieval to modern.


We have an experienced commercial EPC surveyor to take account of this, with over 10 years experience in energy efficiency. The surveyor would also take account of buildings that may be exempt from having an EPC. Such as 'buildings and monuments officially protected as part of a designated environment, or because of special architectural or historic merit, in so far as compliance with certain energy efficiency requirements would unacceptably alter character or appearance'.

As of  April 2018, the proposed legislative changes would make it unlawful to let a commercial property with an EPC Rating of F or G (i.e. the lowest 2 grades of energy efficiency).

This could have very significant implications for commercial landlords, and for occupiers who wish to assign or sublet space.  Marketability of some properties would become impossible unless they were upgraded to meet the minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES).


It is estimated that approximately 20% of non-domestic properties could be in the F & G rating brackets. Valuations of such properties could be affected if their marketability is diminished.  Rent reviews for properties in this situation could also be affected.

Given this risk to commercial building owners and occupiers, it is clear that a full understanding of the energy efficiency of your property assets should be attained. Thereafter owners and occupiers will need to assess the costs, and viability of undertaking retrofits or refurbishments, and possibly bringing forward properties for marketing prior to April 2018. Property owners and occupiers should also consider how their property values may be affected.

I have renovated the building since the last EPC was done, Do I need a new one?

Any changes to the building with regards to insulation, boiler systems or change of use would reflect on the EPC rating.

Commercial Energy Performance Certificate Bristol EPC Non-domestic Energy Performance Certificate Bristol EPC