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The seller or landlord of the commercial property in Carmarthen must make available, an commercial EPC to a prospective buyer or tenant at the earliest opportunity.


A copy of the Commercial EPC must then be provided to the successful buyer or the person who takes up the tenancy of the property in Carmarthen.

Estate agents and other third parties in Carmarthen must ensure that a commercial EPC has been commissioned before they can market a property for sale or rent

Commercial buildings in Carmarthen requiring a Commercial EPC Certificate

Where a building fails MEES compliance we will provide you with expert advice on the quickest and most cost effective way to improve your buildings commercial EPC rating. Relevant information on how to improve the buildings efficiency can be found in the recommendation report. Look out for 'other recommendations selected by the energy surveyor' which should provide valid reasons to improve the buildings efficiency.

Carmarthen EPC certificate

We can provide a commercial EPC for your property at a very competitive price, and have over 10 years experience in supplying commercial EPC certificates in the Carmarthen area.

The commercial EPC assessment  provides the building in Carmarthen with a standard energy and carbon emission efficiency grade, from 'A' to 'G', where 'A' is the best and with the average to date being D/E.

Properties with the best ratings are more attractive to potential tenants and buyers, as they are cheaper to run. It is therefore vital that an experienced surveyor carries the survey. Our surveyor Phil Stacey has worked in the industry since 2007, therefore is vastly experienced to carry out the survey of your commercial property in Carmarthen.

I have a commercial EPC, do I need to update it?

Any changes to the use of the building, heating system or lighting is likely to effect the commercial EPC rating.

Please enquire for bulk pricing for portfolios of property in and around the Carmarthen area,, no matter how big or small.

What about the new MEES regulations for commercial properties in Carmarthen?

The new MEES regulations mean that:


a) As of the 1 April 2018, landlords of non-domestic private rented properties may not grant a tenancy to new tenants if their property has a commercial EPC rating of band F or G (shown on a valid Energy Performance Certificate for the property in Carmarthen).


b) from 1 April 2023, landlords must not continue letting a non-domestic property which is already let if that property has an commercial EPC rating of band F or G.

Commercial buildings in Carmarthen requiring a Commercial EPC Certificate

More full regulations can be found here: MEES REGULATIONS

Commercial EPC Energy Performance Certificate Carmarthen