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Selling or renting a commercial building?


  • Then you will require a commercial EPC certificate.


As soon as a commercial building is in the process of being offered for sale or rent, it is the responsibility of the seller or landlord, to make available free of charge a commercial EPC report to any prospective buyer or tenant.


The EPC cert must be provided by the seller or landlord at the earliest opportunity. Before a commercial premises is put on the market, the seller or landlord must commission an EPC for the building.

An energy assessment for a non-dwelling in Chepstow must be carried out by an energy assessor who is a current member of an accreditation scheme. Our assessor Phil Stacey has now produced over 10,000 energy efficiency reports, therefore is well placed to carry out a survey on your premises.

Chepstow Commercial Energy Performance Certificate EPC

Prices for assessments vary a lot depending on the size of the building and the number of rooms. A small ground floor shop will probably cost the least. While a large warehouse will probably cost in the medium range bracket. A 50 room hotel will cost at the higher end.

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I have had loft insulation installed since the last EPC was done, Do I need a new one?

Increasing loft insulation is likely to have an effect on a EPC rating. Please phone to discuss further.