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South Wales Display Energy Certificate

Stacey Surveys is a family run business, therefore can offer DEC certificates in the South Wales area at a very competitive price.


When dealing with us, you will benefit from the attention to detail, reliability and a personal touch that you would expect from a dedicated local Professional.

Public buildings with a total useful floor area greater than 250m² are obligated to have a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) and advisory report. DECs are required to inform how energy efficient a public building is.


It states an energy rating from A-G and is based on the performance potential of the building (fabrics) and its services (heating, ventilation, lighting). The DEC comes with a recommendation report demonstrating how the energy performance can be improved.

DEC Certificates can only be produced by an accredited Energy Assessor and should be displayed no smaller than A3 in a prominent place clearly visible to members of the public. Fines can be issued for failing to display a DEC and failing to have a valid advisory report.


The DEC shows the actual energy usage of a building. This is based on the energy consumption of the building as recorded by gas, electricity and other meters.