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An Energy Performance Certificates EPC is intended to inform people about the energy performance of a building. This will encourage people in Cwmbran to consider energy efficiency as part of their investment.

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EPC certificates provide information to potential buyers and tennants in Cwmbran about how energy efficient a property is on a scale of A-G, with band A being the most efficient. The higher the rating the more energy efficient the property is, and the lower fuel bills are likely to be.

The EPC cert shows the energy efficiency rating relating to running costs of a dwelling,  so that the energy efficiency of a property in Cwmbran, can easily be compared with another building anywhere in Wales and England. This allows prospective buyers, tenants, owners, and occupiers, to see information on the energy efficiency and carbon emissions from the building, so they can consider energy efficiency and fuel costs as part of their investment.

Energy Performance Certificates are a legal requirement when selling or letting a residential property. Estate agents and other third parties must ensure that an EPC has been commissioned before they can market a property for sale or rent. In addition, all advertisements in the commercial media must clearly show the property’s EPC rating, where this is available

The regulations changed on the 9 January 2013 with regards to displaying an EPC. Now all sales or lettings advertisements in the commercial media must show the EPC rating of the property being advertised. There is now no requirement to display the full certificate, but where there is adequate space, the advertisement should show the A-G graph.

Energy Performance Certificate EPC surveyor in Cwm

An EPC certificate for existing buildings must be produced by an accredited domestic energy assessor. The energy assessor must be registered with an accreditation scheme. It is the scheme’s responsibility to ensure the assessor is competent and that periodic quality checks are carried out on the assessor’s work.

Energy Performance Certificate EPC for residential property in Cwmbran

How do I know if an EPC is still Valid?

This page check if an EPC is valid, explains the process of checking if an EPC needs updating or not.

Since 23 November 2015, the legal obligation for all Landlords operating in Wales is to register in order to comply with the law.


In order to register a landlord must provide accurate and up-to-date information about themselves and their rental properties in Wales.


This  requirement comes from Part 1 of the Housing (Wales) Act 2014

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Landlords are required to make available to prospective tenants an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) when a property is being let, this has been a legal requirement since October 1st 2008. The purpose of the EPC is to show prospective tenants the energy performance of the dwelling they are considering renting.

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