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A Energy Performance Certificate EPC is a legal document that must be obtained for all property transactions.

EPC Energy Performance Certificate for private sale

Solicitors have a duty of care to their client to ensure that an EPC has been made available during the transaction process. It is illegal to complete a property transaction without first obtaining an EPC. This rule applies to both Commercial & Domestic properties.


As a local EPC provider, we can help you in providing this service, and be your local representative for providing EPC certificates for domestic, residential properties and commercial buildings.

Do I need an EPC for a private sale?

An EPC cert for domestic residential, and commercial  buildings must be produced by an accredited energy assessor. The energy assessor or surveyor must be registered with an accreditation scheme. It is the scheme’s responsibility to ensure the assessor is competent and that periodic quality checks are carried out on their work.

The penalty charge for not having a domestic EPC in place, is £200 per dwelling. And 12.5 per cent of the rateable value of the building, with a default penalty of £750, for commercial properties. In addition, an EPC for the property will still have to be provided.

Do I need an EPC for a private sale