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Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) have been a legal requirment for rental properties since October 2008.


EPCs are required for homes which are put up for sale or rental across the whole of the UK.


The landlord must commission an EPC and ensure a copy of it is available free of charge to prospective tenants at the earliest opportunity. As a minimum, this should be when prospective tenants are first given written information about a dwelling, or are arranging to view it, and before any rental contract is entered into.


A copy of the EPC must be given free of charge to the person who ultimately becomes the tenant before any rental contract is entered into.


We can provide an EPC for your tenant after carrying out a survey of the property.

EPC for rental properties

In the private rental sector, an EPC is not required for any property that was occupied prior to 1 October 2008 and which continues to be occupied by the same tenant. However, landlords may commission an EPC for these dwellings if they wish.

Since the 9 January 2013 all letting advertisements in the commercial media should show the EPC rating of the property being advertised. There is no requirement to display the full certificate but where there is adequate space, the advertisement should show the A-G graph. However, it is recognised that this will not always be possible. In such cases the advertisement should include the actual EPC rating of the property (for example C).

The EPC must always be made available to prospective tenants free of charge.


The above meaning of ‘commercial media’ is used to mean:

  • Newspapers and magazines

  • Written material produced by the landlord that describes the property being offered for rent

  • The internet