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An EPC must be made available at the earliest opportunity for the commercial property in Llanelli, but no later than when a person requests information about the commercial building, or a person makes a request to view the building.

The purpose of providing a commercial EPC during the sale or renting process of the Llanelli property, is to enable potential buyers or tenants to consider the energy performance of a building as part of their investment.


A Commercial EPC is required on all buildings that are to be sold or let in Llanelli as well as the rest of  Wales and England.

Llanelli Commercial Energy Performance Certificate EPC

Llanelli Commercial Energy Performance Certificate EPC

Our surveyor Phil Stacey has been providing  energy performance certificates in the Llanelli area now for over 10 years. We are also a  family run business, therefore can offer competitive rates.

When carrying out an EPC Inspection the commercial energy assessor will look at all building elements and record details such as wall construction, heating type and controls, air conditioning, fuel type, insulation and windows. Once all site notes are recorded, this is then entered into the government approved software which will generate the commercial  certificate for the property in Llanelli.

The EPC Energy Performance Certificate rates the commercial building in Llanelli in terms of its capability to use energy efficiently. The building is rated on a scale of A – G similar to white electrical goods. The rating is produced based on the building's CO2 emissions per m2 of floor area, and provides details of where the building's energy is being used.

I have a commercial property in Llanelli, and I have had external wall insulation installed since the last commercial EPC was done, Do I need a new one?

External wall insulation is likely to have an effect on the rating, depending on the area covered. Please feel free to phone an discuss further in detail.

Llanelli Commercial Energy Performance Certificate EPC