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A Commercial EPC in Merthyr is intended to inform potential buyers or tenants about the energy performance of a building, so they can consider energy efficiency as part of their investment or business decision to buy or occupy that building.

An Commercial EPC is required when a building is constructed, sold or rented out. This uncludes all properties in Merthyr Tydfil. EPCs for the sale or renting out of buildings that are non-dwellings are valid for 10 years, or until a newer EPC is produced for the building.

Merthyr Commercial Energy Performance Certificate

Merthyr Commercial Energy Performance Certificate EPC

Having supplied EPC certificates in the Merthyr area for over 10 years , we are ideally placed to supply you with a competitively priced EPC.

Merthyr Commercial Energy Performance Certificate

Commercial EPC key points:

  • The commercial EPC will allow sellers and landlords to see areas where energy performance and efficiency could be improved within their property.

  • Potential buyers and tenants will be able to get an impartial overview of the energy use and likely costs of the existing building.

A commercial EPC survey is carried out by a qualified energy surveyor, who looks at how each area of the building is used or ‘zoned’. For example by zoning the property you can allocate the activities such as office space, dining areas, storage or production areas to the EPC report.  This means that a commercial EPC can fundamentally change in value depending on its use. There is a quite a varied and diverse commercial property stock in Merthyr, our surveyor who is from South Wales will take account of this.


Commercial EPC certificates are required for all types of building structures – as long as they have a shell and core and can be conditioned it can be assessed.  A commercial property could have any number of different possible rooms, some the size of an aircraft, and some small cubicles, some heated, some only partially heated and some unheated. This huge variety makes the assessment process very broad, with many things to consider.

With the above in mind, it is vital that a local experienced commercial energy surveyor carries out the survey, especially with the new MEES regulations.

The regulations mean that as of the 1st of April 2018, landlords of non-domestic private rented properties, may not grant a new tenancy to tenants if their property has an EPC rating of band F or G.

Merthyr Commercial Energy Performance Certificate EPC

What is a commercial EPC?