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Local weights and measures authorities, usually through their trading standards officers, are responsible for enforcing the requirement to have an EPC on sale or let of a commercial building in Mountain Ash.

Failure to make available an EPC for your commercial property in Mountain Ash, as required by the regulations, means the relevant person (i.e. seller or landlord) or a person acting on their behalf (i.e. estate or letting agent) may be liable to a civil penalty charge notice.


Trading standards officers resposibly for the Mountain Ash area may act on complaints or undertake investigations.

Mountain Ash Commercial Energy Performance Certificate EPC

Your property will require an EPC to be in place before marketing can commence, or before you can rent out a property.

Unheated Commercial buildings


We are asked a lot if a commercial building requires an EPC cert if it is unheated. The guidance issued by all UK regional governments says that if a building is expected to have heating, mechanical ventilation or air conditioning installed, it will require an EPC based on the assumed fit-out in accordance with the requirements in Part L of the Building Regulations.


If a sale or lease transaction relates to a commercial property such as a retail shop, restaurant, café, take away, public house, wine bar, workshop, hotel, leisure centre, office, etc, (i.e. a building that is usually heated) then it requires an EPC whether or not a heating system is actually present.

A new boiler is  likely to have an effect on the rating, depending what the heating system was before.

I have fitted a new boiler since the last EPC was done, Do I need a new one?