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If you place your property on the market for sale or rent in Mountain Ash, Wales and England,  you will need to purchase an energy performance certificate EPC.

Our EPC certificates are fully compliant and can be used by any Estate agent or Solicitor in Mountain Ash, to rent or sell your property.

Supplier of  EPC Certificates to the Mountain Ash area

The EPC shows a record of the energy efficiency levels and CO2 emissions of a building, by using a standard table from A to G (A being very efficient, G being very inefficient).

Firstly, the energy survey is performed by our energy assessor Phil Stacey who visits the property and examines  the premises, taking information such as loft insulation, domestic boiler, hot water tank, radiators, windows, etc. Once this information is obtained it is then placed into a software programme which carries out and calculates the level of energy efficiency and CO2 emissions.

Mountain Ash EPC certificate

The software generates the energy efficiency of the property, with a recommendations on the ways to improve the energy ratings by using cost effective and low and zero carbon generated systems. This will help improve your energy levels and ensure future savings on fuel costs

If you are selling or renting a property in Mountain Ash, you, as the seller or landlord must provide the EPC. The certificate is available free of charge and should be given to the prospective buyer or tenant prior to entering into a sale or lease agreement.

What is an EPC?

EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate and shows a dwelling's energy efficiency and CO2 emissions. An EPC will also have recommendations on how to improve the property's energy performance.

Why do I need an EPC?

Every dwelling for sale or rent requires an EPC to demonstrate the energy performance of the dwelling. We provide EPC certificates not just for properties in Mountain Ash, but the whole of South Wales.

Who is responsible for producing an EPC, who do they give it to and when?

The landlord or seller of the building in Mountain Ash is legally responsible for providing an EPC, regardless of whether an agent acts on their behalf. The certificate should be given to the prospective tenant or buyer at the earliest opportunity and no later than when a viewing is carried out, when written information is provided about the building, or in any event before entering into a contract to sell or let.

What about shared housing? Do I still need an EPC?

This is where there is a crucial difference between renting out a whole property and renting by the room. If the space you are advertising is not self-contained, then you do not need to provide an EPC. Where individual rooms in a building are rented out, and there are shared facilities eg a kitchen or bathroom, an EPC is not required. This is because an EPC is only required on the rental of a building or part of a building that’s rented out separately. Renting a room does not fit the requirements.

Do I need an EPC if I inherit a property?

Whether you have an estate agent or not, you must provide an Energy Performance Certificate for the property. It is true that an estate agent would have done this for you, but as a private seller you can still organise it yourself, or ask your solicitor to arrange it.

An EPC cert is required for every type of property transaction. Solicitors have a duty of care to their client to ensure that an EPC has been made available during the transaction process. It is illegal to complete a property transaction without first obtaining an EPC. This rule applies to both Commercial & Domestic properties for every type of sale.