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EPCs are to be displayed in commercial premises larger than 500m² in Porthcawl, that are frequently visited by the public, and where one has previously been produced for the sale, construction or renting out of the building.

Commercial properties in the Porthcawl area require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) when being sold or let.  


The energy Rating is used by tenants or potential buyers to make energy comparisons between properties.


A Commercial EPC comes with a recommendation report that outlines how the energy performance of the building could be improved.

We can supply EPC reports to Landlords, Estate & Letting agents, solicitors, Councils & Housing Associations with Commercial Energy Performance Certificates.

EPC - key points

  • Shows the efficiency of a Building in graph format and comes with a separate Recommendation Report.

  • A Commercial EPC is required by Law if you are Selling, Renting or Leasing a building

  • Fines for Non-compliance, imposed by Trading Standards. The Building Owner is responsible.

  • Requires a Building inspection by a Qualified commercial assessor.

Our surveyor Phil Stacey  is able to offer competitive commercial energy performance certificates for commercial buildings in the Porthcawl area. From simple shops to offices to large industrial buildings.

Porthcawl Commercial building EPC Energy Performance Certificate

Porthcawl Commercial building Energy Performance Certificate EPC

Since 1 October 2008 a landlord or seller needs to provide a commercial Energy Performance Certificate EPC,  whenever commercial premises is let or sold.

The commercial EPC report report must be made available free of charge by the landlord to a prospective tenant or purchaser, of the commercial building in Porthcawl  at the earliest opportunity.

Carbon emissions from the UK’s non-domestic buildings, comprised of commercial offices, hotels, shops, schools, hospitals, factories and other buildings, are responsible for 18% of the UK’s total emissions.

These emissions have fallen only slightly since 1990, yet going forward they need to reduce by at least 80% by 2050, if our buildings are to play their fair share in achieving the UK’s carbon reduction targets. In fact, the Government has stated its ambition for emissions from all buildings to be ‘close to zero’ by 2050

Commercial EPC certificates  on non-domestic buildings, are used to clearly communicate the average EPC rating, and what can be done to improve the rating, hence reducing carbon emissions.

How do I check the EPC to see if it needs updating?

Look at the EPC date and use of building, has the building changed in use or been upgraded since the last EPC was produced?

Can the building fail with a poor rating?

Where a landlord intends to let a property on a new lease from April 2018: If the property already has an EPC which is less than ten years old then this EPC can be used to let the property. If the EPC is more than ten years old, or if there is no EPC, then the landlord will be required to obtain a new EPC to market and let the property.

If that EPC shows an energy efficiency rating of F or G then the landlord will need to carry out sufficient energy efficiency improvement works to improve the property to a minimum of E (or register a valid exemption if applicable) before issuing a tenancy agreement.

Information on how to improve the rating can be found in the recommendation report. Pay particular attention to the section 'other recommendations selected by the energy surveyor', which should give relevant ideas of how to improve the buildings efficiency, based of the site survey carried out by the surveyor.

Commercial buildings in Carmarthen requiring a Com

Why do I have to have a commercial EPC?