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Social landlords must provide an EPC free of charge to interested parties at the earliest opportunity, and must provide a copy of the EPC to the person who takes up the tenancy.


Stacey Surveys are currently working in conjunction with major social and private landlords across Wales. As a result, our competitors cannot match the experience we have gained.

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Social Housing EPC energy performance certificate

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Social Housing EPC Energy Performance Certificate

EPC provider for Social Landlords

New regulations on the 9 January 2013 state that all letting advertisements in the commercial media should show the EPC rating of the property being advertised. There is no requirement to display the full certificate but where there is adequate space, the advertisement should show the A-G graph. However, it is recognised that this will not always be possible. In such cases the advertisement should include the actual EPC rating of the property (for example C).

The EPC must always be made available to prospective tenants free of charge.


The above meaning of ‘commercial media’ is used to mean:

  • Newspapers and magazines

  • Written material produced by the social landlord that describes the property being offered for rent

  • The internet