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Since 1st October 2008, all non-domestic buildings on construction, sale and rent, have been required to have a commercial Energy Performance Certificate EPC and a Recommendation Report, this includes all commercial properties in Swansea.


Swansea Commercial EPC Certificate

Swansea  commercial  EPC certificate

We have been providing energy performance certificates to businesses in the Swansea area for over 10 years. Our prices are also very competitive with us being a family run Company.    

What data produces the Commercial EPC?


The EPC is calculated by analysing a number of physical attributes of the property focusing on:-

  • Property Size, Age, Type and Construction Materials used

  • Lighting

  • Ventilation

  • Walls

  • Insulation

  • Windows

  • Heating and Hot Water systems

Once our Energy Assessor has the required data, the Commercial EPC can then be processed and the information collated, using the approved software. This is the standardised software program used throughout the industry. And uses a notional building with average running costs as a comparison or control to help calculate the data.

You must have a commercial EPC if:

  • you rent out or sell commercial  premises in Swansea (Wales and England)

  • a building under construction is finished

  • there are changes to the number of parts used for separate occupation and these changes involve providing or extending fixed heating, air conditioning or mechanical ventilation systems

You can be fined between £500 and £5,000 based on the rateable value of the building if you don’t make an EPC available to any prospective buyer or tenant.

You must display an EPC by fixing it to your commercial building if all these apply:

  • the total useful floor area is over 500 square metres

  • the building is frequently visited by the public

  • an EPC has already been produced for the building’s sale, rental or construction

The cost of an EPC in the Swansea area will depend on the building being assessed.

All EPC reports are valid for 10 years, and the building can change hands as many times as required during that period.

Do I have to have a commercial EPC?

Will I get fined if I do not get an EPC?

Should I display the EPC?

How much it costs?

How long does a commercial EPC valid for?