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All Commercial buildings in Torfaen, that are built, sold or rented out, require an EPC. This is a legal requirement.


Commercial EPC certificates provide an energy rating for a building. Services such as lighting, heating, ventilation are accounted for in generating the rating, as well as the structure of the building.


The now industry standardised A - G energy rating could then be used by potential buyers or tenants to make comparisons between properties. The commercial EPC is accompanied by a secondary report that provides recommendations on how the energy performance of the building could be enhanced, together with an indication of the payback period.

Torfaen Commercial Energy Performance Certificate EPC

Torfaen Commercial Energy Performance Certificate EPC

Commercial EPC Cost

Prices start from £135 for a basic small commercial property in Torfaen. However, due to the complexities of some commercial properties, we would need to provide a free quotation before proceeding.

The regulations surrounding the energy performance certificate for commercial properties are changing from 1st April 2018.

The new regulations has been a long standing concern of the industry with uncertainty amongst agents, landlords, tenants, and energy assessors, as to when these changes would come into effect, and just what the implications of these changes would mean for all of those involved.

I have made significant changes to the building since the last EPC was done, Do I need an updated one?

Significant changes to a building is likely to effect the rating, and the existing EPC is unlikely to reflect this.