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What is an EPC survey?

An EPC survey is a survey of a property to determine how efficient it is. The surveyor looks at key elements of the property, such as the loft insulation, boiler, boiler controls, hot water tank, radiators, windows, wall and floor insulation, extensions, lighting, and the age and construction of the property.

The surveyor needs access to all of the above to collect the data required. The data is then input into a government approved software, which produces an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

An EPC survey is required by law when selling or renting a property. This means that if you have rented or purchased a property since 1st October 2008, then an EPC survey should have been carried out. However, there are other things that may trigger a survey, such as a stock condition survey, or a planned improvement measure.

This depends on the size and type of the property. The on-site survey of a ground floor flat with no loft or extensions is likely to take no more than 20 minutes. The more extensions, lofts, roof rooms a property has, the longer it will take to gather the required data. On average the on-site survey takes 30 to 40 minutes.

Access will be required to every room in the property, and the garden to inspect the rear of the property. Therefore any pets should be controlled to allow safe access to these areas for the surveyor. Other things that can be done before the survey to help the surveyor are:

  • Move any items that may be obstructing access to the boiler or hot water cylinder (bed sheeting in the airing cupboard for example)

  • Provide access to each loft hatch including extensions where applicable (moving items from below the hatch or putting dust sheets down incase of debris from the loft for example)


Please do not stress or strain over any of the above, as the surveyor will be happy to assist you, if you are unable to prepare for this yourself.

Depending on whether you rent or own the property, would probably determine how much documentation you may have to hand. Things that would help the surveyor are:

  • Boiler manual

  • Gas safety certificate

  • New window receipts (Fensa certificate)

  • Cavity wall insulation certificate (CIGA certificate)

  • External wall insulation certificate (receipt)

  • Building control completion certificates (for extensions, refurbishment, roof conversions)

  • MCS certificates (for any renewal technologies)

  • Dated invoices from a builder (for work carried out to the fabric of the building)

  • Photographs of internal insulation to walls and floors.

For tenanted properties information for the above will be sought by the surveyor, from the owner, landlord or social landlord.


In a nutshell there is nothing for you to worry about, as the survey is just a quick non intrusive survey of your property.

Why does this have to be done?

How long will the survey take?

Is there any documentation that I should prepare?

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the survey?