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Air tightness testing

Air tightness is a key requirement of Approved Document L Parts 1 & 2 of the Building Regulations for Wales and England, without which, Building Control will not provide a Completion Certificate.

Reason for Air Pressure Tests


Air Testing is the simplest and most popular method used in the construction industry to confirm compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations.


The air leakage test is simply a test of the building fabric integrity. Draughts and heat loss will occur wherever there is a hole or gap in the building envelope.


Air permeability is the uncontrolled flow of air both into and out of a building through gaps and cracks.  Uncontrolled air flow accounts for a large proportion of the energy wasted in buildings.  Achieving improved air tightness is a key factor in building contractors meeting the Government’s targets for reduced carbon emissions and improved energy efficiency.